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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
If one believes that creating civilization and increasing the number of humans on the planet were adverse events that will destroy the planet and our species before long, then agriculture was a bad thing.

And one can make that argument. Civilization brought with it massive social and resource inequalities. More who have lived and loved, more who live long, and more who have suffered. And maybe we will destroy the whole place.

Personally though I don't buy it.

Now not what Diamond thinks, what do you think? Which was/is better?
I don't know, I mean I read all the downsides that resulted from the switch but that is more like hindsight speaking. The same would go if we went back, who knows what would happen. Certainly many would die off, millions.

Going back to hunter gatherer sounds good, but that's likely because people are still living in some kind of dream world to suggest that. I agree that technology needs to be met with skepticism but there has to be a middle ground between futurism and primitivism.

I personally like the life I have, I think life would not be worth living if we had to go back to focus on survival. It would just be living day to day, for what? Just to live? Nothing else? Doesn't sound like a world I would like to be in.