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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Posted in the "controversial law enforcement" thread, but also fits here, IMO:

" utero exposure to police killings of unarmed Blacks within 1-3 km of mother's residence substantially reduces the birth weight of Black infants by 50-80g"


" effect for police killings of armed Black or white and Hispanic victims on infant health suggesting that stress and anxiety related to perceived injustice and discrimination might explain this finding"

This data supports a hypothesis I've suggested for a long time -- broad societal injustice against black people, even if it's just in the "background", decreases the chances for black people to thrive. In other words, being black in America is harmful to one's health.
Update: that study has been retracted.

"Editorís Note (12/12/19): After this story was published (in Scientific American and elsewhere), the author of the study it was based on retracted his paper because of classification errors in the data. Once such errors were initially discovered, the studyís author conducted a thorough examination of a larger sample of cases and found additional classification errors. When the data were reanalyzed, the findings did not replicate the original results. The author apologizes that these errors were not caught before the paperís publication."