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But... but... your facts aren't right, are they? Kids in restrooms has pages and pages of posts with thousands of views. Online shopping outside the US has 2 pages. Intelligent design has 4 pages. Hell, stealing focus has 2 pages. And Stoid's bitch thread has 7. On what basis do you claim that no one would be interested in your ideas. What are they?
Depends on what I'm thinking about Pitting at the time. I'd like to Pit the State Government for being useless and massively upping the cost on electricity and car registration and wanting to sell off most of the State-run assets and enterprises, as well as making all the Toll Roads "prepay only", but I'm not going to for two reasons:

1. That's a political thread and I don't want to clutter The Pit up with more political stuff; and

2. No-one outside Queensland cares, so why bother ranting about it on a predominantly US messageboard?

I recently did a Pit Thread about how hard it was to get an MP3 player that wasn't an iPod and got piled on, despite explaining you can't order them online because of prohibitive shipping costs (as outlined in the current thread about online shopping outside the US), and then got told iPod clearly weren't monopolising the MP3 player market in Australia despite the near impossibility of obtaining an equivalent product from a competing brand here. You can see how that sort of thing makes me think "Is it really worth posting this rant?" now, and increasingly I find the answer is "No".