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Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
Edited to add: I think I'm behind the rest of you on the advanced game. I've got portals, I get perks, and I trade bones for 36 hours of production. This talk of collectors,carpentry, and whatnot is foreign to me. I keep resetting around z30. Where do I need to be branching out?
Sounds like you need to do more challenges. At zone 35 you unlock the Size challenge, which gives you the Carpentry perk you can then work on leveling up.

Have you been buying Imports with your bones, or just bonuses? You should buy the Imports first, as their benefits are permanent.

Collectors are a building you unlock at zone 50.

So, work on getting to higher levels and doing challenges. They're on the right side of the portal screen. You click on the one you want to do before portaling.