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Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
I just portaled. My first push to 60 was kind of a waste. I'd been figuring I'd portal at 65, and do my void maps at 60, right after getting a gymystic. Well, I forgot to do the void maps, and hit 61, so I thought I'd do them at 65. Pushing on to 65 was an incredible slog. When I finally got there, I didn't see a book symbol mid-map, which is where you usually get your gymystic. So I consulted the wiki and learned that you stop getting a gymystic every 5 levels at 55. My void maps had 400-450% difficulty, so, figuring it was going to take DAYS of farming metal and wood to buy many more gyms and equipment upgrade before I could even consider attempting them, I gave up and portaled.
Yeah, I learned that lesson too. I got a Void Map sometime after Z55. Things were going so slow at that point I figured I'd wait for that nice juicy Gymystic at 60. Imagine my surprise when there was no Gymystic (so they're gone forever at that point?).

I did manage to get a Warpstation, but 60 was so hard for me I'd never have gotten through a Void. I should have tried the Void map as soon as I got it. Oh well. Maybe I'll be better prepared once I've got the next two challenges under my belt. Did Scientist II already. That was so easy this time. Much easier than the first one.

Any advice on Decay and Trimp? Which one first? With Trimp, you only have to make it to The Block, but that doesn't mean it will be easy.