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If you can get to 60 you could ignore wormholes... the question really is whether extra time you'd have to spend is worth it. I didn't buy wormholes after my first 60 run, but in retrospect that was probably not actually time efficient. Still, it's more a matter of playstyle than objective superiority, and I seem more willing than some to have levels go by slowly- speaking of which:

I'm finishing a deep dive now, to Zone 131 (previous deepest was 101), more than doubling He with +127K for the run (started with 105K.) 7 Void maps on level 125 didn't give anything above Epic and the epics weren't exciting. The down side? It took 16 days, my coordination upgrade button reads 92(+37). I think I'll do some shorter runs before doing Slow and going deep again.

I'm starting to appreciate map farming, now that I have Jestimps. One more bone to go for Chronoimps and then maps'll be even better...