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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
QuickSilver and NAF,

I know you probably hate my ass, but I wanted to ask you a question in all seriousness and candor. In you experience, do Jews view themselves as a religion, or do you/they view themselves as a "race"? I think it's an important question that can maybe inform my own opinions.

I realize that I might dismiss the idea of Jews as a "race," but if Jews view themselves as a race, then maybe what I think has to be, well, modified in a sense. I'm sorry to be bugging you with bizarro questions late at night.

I know I use the term "Zionists" a lot. In my mind, there is a distinction between "Zionist" and "Jew" but if you could explain to me why there isn't a distinction, I will absolutely consider it. I promise. I'm not anti-Jew, I promise.

Maybe there's something I'm not understanding.
Originally Posted by asahi View Post
You all know I'm crazy anyway, so you probably don't have to take me that seriously.
I appreciate your willingness to reconsider your position and your offer to talk and listen in good faith.

I'm in no position to speak on behalf of all (any?) Jews. Not sure any one Jewish person is. Jews, like any other faith based group, are not monolithic and everyone sees it slightly differently. Some, like me, are atheists and are Jews by birth and heritage rather than religious affiliation.

But to answer your question whether being Jewish is a race or a religion... I think most would agree it's neither and would more likely describe it as a ethnicity or culture based on deep historic roots.

Not sure if that satisfactorily answers your question. I know others here may be more qualified to provide you with a better explanation.
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