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Originally Posted by Folly View Post
Heeeeey, my local grocery store. I'll have to try the oscypek sometime.
Hi diddily ho, neighborino! The Butera in Harwood Hts is technically my closest grocery but I go to Shop & Save pretty regularly. My hands down favorite is the Fresh Farms on Touhy in Niles, though.

Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
... I would recommend Smak-Tak on Elston ... Red Apple is solid ...
Agree, both are great. I've got a funny story about my first trip to Red Apple. I'd never been and, while my girlfriend at the time had visited before, it was years earlier though she remembered it was good. So we went and were seated near the front of the restaurant in a sort of odd, empty corner. Our drink order was taken and served, then we waited and waited and waited for a staff member to come take our order or give up menus, anything. My girl had forgotten it was a buffet. Luckily, before I blew my stack on the employees, we noticed another patron carrying a plate of food and it finally clicked.