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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
That's the problem with originalist arguments. You can say you know what the founding fathers meant but how does anyone really know what somebody else was thinking? All we can know is what they wrote down. And the text of the Second Amendment does not have a single clear meaning.
Well, that's your first mistake . . . Reading the 2nd Amendment with any intent to discern what the right to keep and bear arms is. As SCOTUS has said in boringly consistent fashion, for going on 140+ years, that the right to arms is not granted by the 2nd Amendment, thus it is not in any manner dependent upon the Constitution for its existence.

So, not only is it illegitimate to "interpret" the words of the 2nd to limit the right, it is also illegitimate to say that the right is dependent upon a structure that is itself, ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON THE CONSTITUTION for ITS existence -- that structure being, the organized, Art I, 8, cl's 15 & 16 militia.

To really learn the full and complete extent and scope of the right to arms, you should be reading the body of the Constitution to see what powers the federal government has been expressly granted to have any interest in the possession and use of the citizen's personal arms. That's your answer!