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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
Looking at the timestamp on that post, you saw my post, then read that entire detailed and comprehensive article, and composed and posted your reply -- all in less than five minutes. The thoroughness with which you analyze challenges to your preconceived notions is ... less than impressive. Perhaps this is why you -- and so many American gun supporters -- can't see things that are glaringly obvious to the rest of the world.

I'm not going to participate further in this thread, but let me just say that if the Founders could have anticipated the future, if they could have foreseen the Second Amendment quickly degenerating into irrelevant obsolescence, while its unintended consequences gradually mutated into a curse of violence on the whole nation -- literally an epidemic that is widely studied as a compelling subject in epidemiology -- they would have recognized it as the single biggest mistake they ever made.
Doubtful. And predicated on flawed data, namely that today things are so much more violent than in the past. Or the the founders would care, considering the relative numbers (300+ million citizens, nearly 100 million gun owners and...12k deaths a year? They would definitely be like 'man, as a percentage of the population more folks die of bad water or cuts each year, you bunch of pussies!). What they probably WOULD care about is that minorities are also now full citizens, and that all the rights fully pertain to them. THAT would be a major mental disconnect for even the most liberal (using that term the way they would understand it) of the founding fathers to try and wrap their heads around. But that they would think that the 2nd is the biggest mistake they ever made? Not a chance. For one thing, they would be puzzled...I mean, they knew they weren't perfect, so they gave us a way to change the thing if it REALLY was as archaic and out of step as you make it out to be. Of course, the fact that the public itself isn't wanting to do so kind of puts your own comments in perspective, I'd say.

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!

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