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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
Dick Act, 1903. Not that you gotta like it. Also do please note that it all became moot anyway when the Regular Army was founded. 1791, for the record.

If it's real, where do I go to find it? Hint: Only the gun crowd has ever even heard of it. If it ever did become a real thing, it wouldn't be "unorganized" anymore, now would it?

If something doesn't actually exist in the real world, legal fictions notwithstanding, then yes, it is imaginary.
Yes, but that provision of Dick act has become obsolete since then, due to WW1 & WW2, the National Gd has become federalized.

In that same Dick act. That proviso is still valid.

No, there are like 70 Million members. Go to any shooting range, you will see members of the unorganized Militia.