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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
So, I have a question........for those who support Biden, how happy would you be with him as president? I don't mean happy in the sense of "Anyone would be better than Trump," but happy from a (D) standpoint. Do you truly feel he's your guy who represents your views (as opposed to Warren, Bernie, etc.) or is it just anyone-but-Trump?

If Warren, Bernie and Biden all stood exactly the same chance of defeating Trump, would you still be going with Biden?
Here are my reasons for supporting Biden:

Due to his long career in politics and through the various positions he has held, no one is better positioned to immediately and urgently call upon experts throughout the country to come back into government service to try to restore some semblance of normalcy to our government. Trump has done an immense and breathtaking amount of damage. It's not immediately apparent, but he has hollowed out our State Department, Departments of Energy, Education, etc., EPA and many more. He has corrupted the DOJ and our national security agencies. Someone with wide experience, both foreign and domestic, must put it all back to rights.

I'm all for liberal progress and in fact agree with Warren on many of her positions. In any other election, I would probably support her over Biden. But her issues are just not the priority in this election. I am really frightened for the basic infrastructure of our democracy. It has been severely weakened.

That doesn't mean Warren can't serve in a very influential manner within a Biden Administration. In fact, I think she could be a significant component, and I hope, like Hillary Clinton sucked it up for Obama to serve as his first Secretary of State, Warren would be agreeable to fulfill a role.