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the rule on "Threatening harm"

I had a question about this bit of moderation:

Originally Posted by Bone View Post
Do not post threats or state or imply that any individual or group is deserving of harm. ...
That seems like a bit broader restriction than the rules post's guidance:

Threatening harm - Posters may not threaten to harm or to wish for harm to befall other posters for any reason whatsoever.
I guess my real question is whether posting things along the lines of these examples would run afoul of the moderation staff:
  • I hope the Kurds make the Turks pay a heavy price in blood for every mile of territory they invade
  • I wish the US military would make the IRGC cease to exist

I get that hoping for one's political opponents to swing from lightposts en masse, or calling for the wholesale nuking of cities would not be kosher, but what about legitimate military operations against "bad guys"? Is it against the rules to "wish for harm to befall" people like Osama bin Laden / ISIS? The IRGC? Turkish / Russian / Syrian military forces? Erdogan? Maduro?

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