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Originally Posted by Banksiaman View Post
In Britain there seems to be a policy or at least desire to reflect the diversity of accents in the nation among TV newsreaders and reporters, which is great. I assume its mainly accents, but fairly closely following standard English rather than dialectic newsreading.

Does a similar thing occur in Germany or other accent-rich countries?
Not so much, at least not the way you describe. There are regional TV stations which produce TV shows using their dialect just to make a point and to preserve "linguistic diversity". Sometimes one of these shows will even be successful nationally - even though in those cases, the "dialect" spoken on the show is often watered down to make it intelligible to audiences from other parts of the country; it would be more Standard German with some local pronunciation flavour thrown in rather than authentic dialect.

But these are cases where the use of dialect is part of the concept of the show. Newsreaders on a serious and reputable nationwide news programme would be expected to speak Standard German.
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