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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
None of that actually contradicts what BobLibDem wrote.
I don't feel so. Trump's base may be loud but I don't feel they control the nuts and bolts of the party organization. Let's face it; most of them aren't smart enough to run a complex organization like a national party.

The people who are running the day-to-day operations of the Republican Party aren't married to Trump. They're in it for the long run; they've been around for thirty years and plan on being around for decades into the future. As far as Trump's people are concerned, the world ends in 2024.

Yes, they're working with Trump now. He's a Republican and he won the election. But they'd be happier working with somebody like Pence or Romney or McConnell or Ryan; one of their own.

So when some mainstream conservative Republican faces a primary challenge from some fire-breathing Trumphead and the GOP leaders think the Trumphead will lose the general election to the Democrat, they'll quietly step in. The Trumphead will be out on the streets screaming about how people need to keep their faith in Beloved Leader. But then suddenly he'll notice he isn't on the primary ballot and the mainstream conservative is running unopposed. And the Republican leadership will say "Oh, gee, did nobody remind you that you needed to have your special eligibility request documentation Form-R1098 submitted ninety business days before the primary? I guess we forgot to mention that and you weren't aware of the proper procedure. That's too bad."