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Originally Posted by drad dog View Post
By slowing or speeding to half or twice, or other exact multiples, you retain the notes pitch identity, in a different octave. IOW you can overdub normal sounding instruments onto it in the same key. Maybe this was a consideration.
I wasn't present during the recordings, but my guess is the instruments all played first at normal speed and pitch, and the vocals were added later, slowing the previous recordings while the vocals were added. After all, the whole idea was to make it seem like the chipmunks were singing to a normal orchestra.

It's not a complicated concept, but has to be artfully done to be effective.

Just a guess, but since each of the individual chipmunks had a slightly different voice pitch, perhaps recording each one required a small speed difference. Either that, or David Seville raised/lowered his voice accordingly. Either one would work.

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