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Originally Posted by HeyHomie View Post
I'm confused. Does that mean that the vocalists have to force themselves to sing excruciatingly slowly so the meter (or whatever word you need to use here) will be whatever it needs to be when sped up?
Yup. A similar thing happens in reverse for the production of some music videos: the music on the set is played at X times normal speed (where X>1, e.g. playing a 33 RPM record at 45 RPM) while the movements of the video actor(s) are recorded, and then during playback the video and audio both get slowed down so the music is heard at its original tempo, and the movements of the actors have thus been unnaturally slowed down. It lends an otherworldly grace to their motion, e.g. hair or dresses moving in the wind. Since the music is sped up while the video is being recorded, it means that anyone who is supposed to be singing in the video has to move their lips fast to keep up with the music; if the original music is fast-tempoed, then it can be hard to do this well. Here's a tutorial on the technique, cued to the final result; the performer seems to have pretty bad timing, but if you back the video up to 1:27, you can see how fast she has to move her body/lips to keep up with the sped-up song; it's quite a challenge.