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John Geoghan, convicted pedophile priest, was strangled in his cell by another inmate. There's evidence that the murder was planned, not just spur of the moment.
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Ian Huntley had scalding water thrown in his face and separately had his throat slashed. His girlfriend, Maxine Carr, who was convicted of trying to help him cover up the murders, also had boiling water thrown at her, although apparently it missed. Ian Brady was attacked a number of times, including one in which he was stabbed in both eyes with a pen, permanently blinding him in his left eye. His girlfriend too, Myra Hindley, claimed she was repeatedly attacked in prison. The man who killed Milly Dowler was attacked a few weeks ago, although only received 'cuts'. The man who killed "Baby P" was first beaten in prison, and a few months later also had scalding water thrown in his face, scarring him for life.
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Peter Sutcliffe is probably the most notorious murderer still alive in Britain (well, him or Brady), and he's been attacked a few times, even in the Broadmoor secure hospital.
Ah, looks like it does happen from time to time, then... Thanks for the info.