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Originally Posted by foolsguinea View Post
Wow, that's a lot of work for a story that doesn't pass the initial bullshit test.

If Ilhan's father has US citizenship, Ilhan didn't need to marry her half-brother on her father's side to get him in. And the whole thing relies on saying that the brother/fake-husband was using his real name, while the father was using a fake name.

Some of us have seen this kind of trick before. It's recognizably a pile of carefully presented lies.
The evidence is that they're hiding something, that Elmi (likely) calls Omar's daughters his nieces, and that Omar lived with both of her husbands at the same time. Pigeonholing the "something" to "brother marriage" isn't a disproof, it's just pigeonholing.

Let's say for example that Omar's husband, Hirsi, is bisexual and polyamorous. He meets a handsome, British Somali lad online and tells Omar that he's debating to leave her and go to England. They talk it out and decide that she's okay with him having a boyfriend.

The most practical way for them to all be together, they decide, is for Omar to marry Elmi.

They bring Elmi into the US as Omar's husband and all start to live together. They call Elmi an 'Uncle' to their children and he calls them his nieces.

Pretty quickly, the family determines that this was all a bad idea and Elmi leaves to go live on his own. Eventually, he returns to England after he's done studying at University. Omar and him are still friendly, it's more the Hirsi/Elmi relationship that's off.

The social media links between Omar and Elmi, with him calling her kids "niece" and her dad (for whatever reason) going by a similar name to Elmi kicks off a brother/sister theory among the Somali community, which eventually leads to Omar being investigated and her tax history being discovered.

As a politician, she decides that the whole bisexual + polyamorous husband thing is a bridge too far for her to maintain her political base, regardless of whether they generally vote Democratic. As such, she scrubs all social media connection between herself and Elmi and denies having any relationship with him anymore.

Through this, she'll have generated some false testimony to USCIS during her marriage to Elmi and then further perjured herself during the divorce proceedings but, ultimately, this was all just a load of nonsense brought on by the father of her children and trying to keep their relationship going while the children are young.