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Thanks. I forgot about these games. I played through 1 & 2, but forgot about 3 & 4 (Old Sins -- not sure why you have 3 as "the sequel.") I actually downloaded Old Sins after this thread originally appeared. Good fun, and for six hours of entertainment, my $5 was well spent. Now to go back to 3.

It's not like I've explored this genre of games very much, but I do enjoy The Room the best of the ones I've tried. I tried that bird cage one a couple weeks ago, which was extremely well reviewed, but I found that way too repetitive in its puzzles and much too easy. The Room series, while also having some repetitive styles of puzzles "complete the circuit," "bounce the laser/light," switch puzzles, etc., it has managed to keep my interest much more than the other games I've checked out.

If you or anyone has any recs for these types of puzzle games, let me know.