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Originally Posted by Sampiro View Post
There have been several lines about Stuart's comic book shop being in dire straights. I wonder if Sheldon or another member of the gang is going to become a partner in it. (Sheldon, we know from past episodes, has a lot of cash.)
I don't think Sheldon being a partner would be all that funny, we've seen that kind of thing before so we don't need to see it again. I think we all know how it'll turn out.
Besides, unless Stuart's been doing a poor job managing the business, throwing more money at it without changing anything to get customers in the door is just a waste of money. If Wil Wheaton wanted to come on board, his shear presence would attract customers (doesn't Keven Smith own a comic book store).
With how desperate Stuart was, I'm surprised he didn't hit up Wil to come down to the store for something promotional. Sign some stuff, make an appearance, something.