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Originally Posted by Musicat View Post
I once had a job as an IBM Proof Machine Operator, as did hundreds of workers in large downtown banks. I doubt if that exists anymore.
In the bank where I worked, I developed a routine (which involved programming the machine's plugboard) to handle loan payments. What took an assistant auditor most of the day I was able to do in about an hour. The auditor was overjoyed, but my boss didn't like it much -- she was afraid I'd screw up the machine, as no one had ever reprogrammed it before and she didn't know what those wires and plugs did.
My Mom was something close to a proof machine operator for the original BofA in the early 1950s.

My first "IT" job included maintaining the plug boards and operating the last few IBM offline tab machine dinosaurs my employer still had. Tried my hand at creating a few plugboard programs from scratch; it wasn't easy. A couple years later the last real tab machine had gone the scrapyard.

We still had lots of programs, JCL, and even a few datasets on cards so we kept a non-programmable 12-pocket card sorter to reindex the database after the occasional but inevitable dropped deck.

About 5 years later TSO, IPSF, IMS, CICS, et al, had eliminated the last physical punched card and the sorter followed its old stablemates into the scrapyard. All 3000 pounds of it. Those things were built like a 1951 John Deere.

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