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Yeah, I was aware of the risks. Hell, my stepsister has Lupus, has had a hip replacement because prednisone killed the marrow in the joint. Felt I was always, "just using it to get over this flare", but really, I was flaring half the year or more, particularly in recent years. No insurance, and prednisone was effective and cheap. I'm in a group not commonly associated with osteoporosis, and had hoped it would protect me some as well. Didn't happen.

Got my PCP to recommend a back surgeon that takes my insurance, and refer me to him. Had an appointment scheduled for today, but he called me this morning and canceled. His people told me that after talking with my PCP, he decided that due to my use of blood thinners and my problems wearing a brace (my new ostomy), that he could not help me.

Neither of those problems are going away, but I still need surgery to walk. Guess I'll call my PCP tomorrow and start over again. This terribly upset me - I canceled my followup for my ostomy surgeon because this was when the back surgeon could see me, and now my ostomy followup isn't until December 27th - a long time from Oct 11th, the last time i've seen a doctor about it (surgery was Oct 3rd). Moved a very important appointment for the back surgeon, and he won't even see me.

This was supposed to move my recovery forward, and instead it was suddenly a dead end, with news that things I can't do a damn thing about are gonna affect my ability to get someone to operate on me. So I was upset. A parade of ppl came in to talk to me today, including a psych doctor. Gotta pacify the cattle, keep 'em calm in their stalls while they rake in their money. Not allowed to show a moment's weakness or be justifiably upset or a gaggle of ppl come in wanting to hold your hand and spout platitudes. They're not the ones who woke up unable to walk one day and have spent five+ months in a hospital bed.

Jesus, wtf, is my name Job or something? Why can't ONE fucking thing go as expected?
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