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No man found, no disabled vehicle found. Police took the boot, pants but not the poop. A motorcycle helmet was found on the state high-way about 10miles away. Not sure if its connected.
The tracking dog was not interested in tracking. Him and Otis went home.
Son said it was the biggest C.F. he's ever seen. No one knew what to do. They're gonna call out the sheriff's auxiliary on horseback tomarrow. I didn't go out there. They came and took a statement from me.
I really don't think they would believe me had it not been for the items found.
Were sitting around waiting on an update we probably will never hear. Unless they find a body. Then they'll probably accuse me. If I drop off the board all of a sudden you'll know what happened.
ETA Mr. Wrekker is in Texas, alive and well. With his pants and both boots on. I checked.

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