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From The Unofficial Nicole Sullivan Tribute Page

The Littlest Hoochie: Shirley Temple (Dannah Feinglass) goes to an
inner-city school and learns how to be a hoochie mama in this Shirley
Temple/gangsta crossover. As a period piece this is not bad (in
general Mad TV fares pretty well with these); what is funny is that
although this is meant to be a parody, it might not be that far
off the mark - some film experts have said that if some of these
Shirley Temple shorts were released today, they might be considered
child pornography, considering their somewhat unwholesome content along
with the rather vague legal definition of child porn in the U.S.A. I
cite the 1933 short, "Polly Tix in Washington," which casts a very
young Shirley Temple as a vamp attempting to corrupt a Senator into
supporting the castor oil lobby, as an example of a Shirley Temple
film with somewhat questionable content. It is uncertain whether this
is what the writers had in mind when they wrote this bit (probably
not), but even if they didn't, this segment deserves some credit for
its originality.
The IMDB didn't list "The Littlest Hoochie" but it does have "Polly Tix in Washington."