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Obnoxious Feminist Conspiracy Theory

I think the notion that what little Shirley did can be compared in any way to pornography is ridiculous.

However, I have a new and improved Shirley Temple conspiracy theory for you to discuss. Rumor has it, that her success was caused by a bit of backlash. I'm not sure who the predominant female leads were at the time. Marlene Detrich? Joan Crawford? Mae West perhaps? I'm told that women's roles were getting stronger, more outspoken, more liberal. They were sexual, needed men less and less, and had important things to say. Plus, they were big women...tall, broad shouldered, strong.

Hey, Shirley was a cute little kid who could dance and sing up a storm. I'm not denying her talent. But could it be that her rise to stardom was partly due to a push to have female leads in a more "appropriate" roll? To put them back on a man's lap, using their female charms where they belonged?

In that way, I suppose Temples roles could have been seen as sexual in a sense. Not in a pornographic manner, but in the sense that we went from sexy, independent amazon to submissive, helpless girlie.

Warning: This is only something I've heard. I'm not familiar enough with the films of the period to have much of an opinion on this topic. I just thought someone else might have some insite based on this conspiracy.