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Originally Posted by Winston Smith View Post
then the Rainbow Girls bring out meals pre-plated - last week we had stuffed chicken with gravy, green beans and a baked potato (there was a bowl of sour cream on each table). Everyone chows down, the girls clear the plates and serve dessert - last week we had apple crisp with ice cream. Then they clear the tables again and a couple of the Lodge Officers put a small wicker basket one each table and everyone coughs up a couple bucks for the girls.
A couple of questions:

1. What's the difference between a Job's Daughter and a Rainbow Girl? Is it an age thing? They're both Masonic offshoots, right?

2. Do you guys have DeMolay? If so, do they ever serve tables? I don't mean to try to find sexism where none exists, but it seems a little weird that the young girls are serving a bunch of guys (especially if the boys never do it).