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Originally Posted by Infovore View Post
A couple of questions:

1. What's the difference between a Job's Daughter and a Rainbow Girl? Is it an age thing? They're both Masonic offshoots, right?

2. Do you guys have DeMolay? If so, do they ever serve tables? I don't mean to try to find sexism where none exists, but it seems a little weird that the young girls are serving a bunch of guys (especially if the boys never do it).
This was specifically one of the things I wanted to revisit when I decided to bump this thread. To set the context: one element of our monthly meeting is dinner in our hall. It's typically a pretty complete meal: cheese and crackers with soft drinks, then rolls & butter and salad, then the main meal (this month we had roast beef with green bean casserole and mashed potatoes) (chicken alternative meal), then dessert (ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream). It is all plated at the kitchen window and served by the Rainbow Girls.

After the meal, baskets are placed on the tables and we pony up a couple bucks for tips, which are then counted, deposited, and presented to the Rainbow Girls organization to fund the stuff they do (charitable works, etc.)

A few months ago, the Rainbow Girls had their Big Yearly Meeting, and the guys from my Lodge cooked for them, served them, and provided security (the Lodge was in the city). Just last month, they were our guests for dinner and we served them again. So, it's not a sexist thing, as far as I can tell. Also, I frequently assist in serving our meals, and cleaning up. I've observed our Worshipful Master (Grand Poobah) doing dishes in his Tuxedo after our meeting was over because the kitchen was short-staffed and help was needed.

I guess my point is that we all work together to everyone's mutual benefit, and the girls don't serve us meals so we can make them subservient to us - we serve them when the circumstances dictate it.