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Originally Posted by Infovore View Post
A couple of questions:

1. What's the difference between a Job's Daughter and a Rainbow Girl? Is it an age thing? They're both Masonic offshoots, right?

2. Do you guys have DeMolay? If so, do they ever serve tables? I don't mean to try to find sexism where none exists, but it seems a little weird that the young girls are serving a bunch of guys (especially if the boys never do it).
I think you should have a relative who is a Freemason for you to join Job's Daughter. For Rainbow I think the requirements are just similar to those of DeMolay. You'd have to be 13-21 y/o.

We boys do serve our Dad Masons too. We help set tables during their gatherings. We participate in their fund raising activities. We assist in anyway we can. Job's Daughters, Rainbow Girls, DeMolays all do that.

Hi Dad Winston.

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