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That idea comes from The Naked Ape, but I don't think there is any evidence to support it.
As I've argued before, there certainly is.

Man is not the only primate in which the female has a buttock-mimic on the chest. The Gelada Baboon has a characteristic "necklace" of blister-like decorations on the chest. These precisely mimic a similar set that ring the buttocks. Furthermore, they become engorged and particularly visible when the female is sexually receptive.

It is, I think, significant that the Gelada tend to approacj for mating face to face (although they mate from behind, "doggy style" , like other apes), and so there's a reason that such a mating signal appears on the front as well as the back.

In the case of humans, the significant buttocks are unique. Other apes are knuckle-walkers, and the human gluteus maximus, which allows us to walk upright without a counterbalancing tail (the way all other bipeds have done it), is enormous. The human female breast appears to have evolved to mimic this large set of buttocks, which unique to our bunch. Man is the Ape with the Butt, and hence the Ape with Boobs. we are unique.

Large breasts are NOT necessary for milk production. As Morris (and others) have pointed out, most of the breast is fatty tissue, not storage space, and apes do quite well at feeding their young without having a large breast to store milk.