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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
I think that by pulling this stunt she is raising her profile and runs the risk of being a big fat target. She is about as unpopular as Trump in national polls and I think that Trump is doing a great job of shooting himself in the foot, almost hourly without any help from the Democrats.

The boomers have had a stranglehold on our politics and culture for far too long. By refusing to yield power Pelosi is preventing a new generation of leadership and ideas to emerge. She represents business as usual at a time in American politics when business as usual has been discredited.

I also thought her blocking Kathleen Rice from a seat on the Judiciary Committee because Rice had been critical of Pelosi was petty bullshit that is not in the interest of the party or the nation.

Pelosi will have her moment and then realize that she's overplayed her hand and has shifted blame for the shutdown from Trump to her and the Democrats in the mind of the public.
I know it doesn't pay to overestimate the intelligence of "the public" but even the dumbest mouth breathing redneck can remember Trump saying: "I'm proud to shut down the government".