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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
You all sound like a bunch of fucking Republicans; we must line up behind the leader and anyone who questions her is the enemy. Let's check back in a week and see if public opinion starts to blame the Democrats for the shutdown and Trump's approval starts to creep up.
Many of us were not keen on Pelosi being the new Speaker. This thread, IMO, is a place to appreciate that she's doing a fine job and is impressive beyond our expectations. That's how I see it anyway. So, I'm not lining up behind her because she's the leader, I'm applauding her leadership. As for "business as usual," after the past two years I think returning to business as usual would be a good first step. After that we can start working on more progressive reforms.

The clear and present danger right now is Trump. And the people enabling him (looking at you, Mitch). Speaker Pelosi seems to understand that.