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How come my teacher's never told me about this simple chord relationship on the guitar?

I learned Barre chords very early from my teacher. The "dreaded" F chord that every beginner struggles with.

I soon learned the basics of the fretboard. Slide your E shape Barre to the third fret for G. Fifth fret for A. etc.

Then I learned the A shape Barre. Works the same way. C chord on the 3rd fret and D chord on the 5th.

I have always sucked changing from a E shape Barre to a A shape Barre. My fingers lift up and wave in the wind. Making fast chord changes difficult.

A lot of songs use a I IV V chord progression. Sometimes they use the ii or vi for a minor chord.

The lightbulb finally went off a few weeks ago. If you're in the key of A and use a 5th fret E shape barre. Your IV chord, D is right there under your fingers in the A shape Barre.

Or if you're in the key of D and use a 5th fret A shape barre. Your V chord is right there under your fingers in the E shape Barre.

It's built into the instrument. All up and down the fretboard. Pick your root chord and you also know the IV or V.

I've been practicing several times a day moving back and forth between the E and A shape Barre chords. Getting my clumsy fingers to cleanly make the transition. I find 7 mins is ideal. I try to do it 5 times a day.

I always understood how Barre chords work. I just never made the connection between the root and IV chord or root and V chord on the same fret.

It's easier to think of it that way instead of identifying the chord names.

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