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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
I find it difficult to believe that this isn't taught. I'm a keyboardist, and never took guitar lessons myself, so I don't know what's typical to teach, but I would think I-IV-V for barre chords and their positional relationships would be fairly elementary. Is this really not the case? I mean, if you learn I-IV-V in bar chords, I'm sure you're taught you can move those up and down the fretboard, no? Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?
Well, I'd say it depends on who your teacher is. At least in the days of old, there were at least some teachers who had the idea that after you'd mastered every (ok, just about every) chord form in the first position, you'd then be ready to progress up the neck. I remember seeing their students with their acoustic guitars at the aforementioned music school. I don't think I saw most of them more than a few times. It's not a very fun way to learn, but that is the way at least some of the people taught it back in the day.

Disclaimer: I've never had an actual guitar lesson, only electric bass and violin lessons. From observation (the rooms had thin walls) and second hand tales, the guys who show up with electric guitars and wanting to play lead are taught different stuff.