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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
My hand isn't big enough to move the C, G, and D shapes out of the open position. So am I just screwed?
With the D shape, one can play it as a moveable normal chord, with one string per finger, rather than using a barre with the first finger across all of the strings. It's better for finger-picking than strumming, as if one accidentally hit the sixth string, one would be playing a note outside the chord. The D shape also lacks the bass notes, so it's not as full a sound as the others.

The C shape can be derived from an A shape. If one plays a D minor seventh chord in the A shape position, one will have an unused little finger/pinky:

(5)-5-7-5-6-5 (root note of chord in bold) = D minor 7th

One can then place that finger three frets higher on the fifth fret to create a C shape barre chord:

(5)-8-7-5-6-5. = F major

The G shape across six strings is hardest to play, although the three string truncated version is easy:

x-x-(5)-5-5-8 = C major