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In the Bad Ol' Summertime

It's that time of year again.

Dear parents,

for the love of crap, please please please please PLEASE do not send your underage minor children to the pool. Aside from the fact that it's against the rules (they have to be 16 to be unsupervised in the pool area), I think they put something in the pool water to make preteen boys become idiots the minute it touches their skin. Because I swear preeteen boys+cute girls to show off for+ pool=they're suddenly stupid.

If one of their stupid stunts (like taking a running start so they can hit the edge of the pool and do a flying twist leap thing) causes them to get injured EVERY SINGLE ADULT in the pool area will probably be held responsible and as one of those adults, I don't want that responsability. AND they'd probably raise our HOA dues to pay for a lifeguard. All because you couldn't be arsed to come down and keep at least half an eye on your kids.

Biting my lip so hard it's bruised,