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Originally Posted by LeeshaJoy View Post
I don't know about HOA pools, but most hotel swimming pools I've seen had a sign posted which read "No Lifeguard, Swim At Your Own Risk" (or words to that effect). Would that be sufficient for legal ass-covering?
We do have several signs that say "NO Lifeguard--No Smoking--No Alcohol" in both English and Spanish. There is a locked windowbox (don't know what else to call it) with a corkboard that has a copy of the rules right inside the gate so you can't miss it.

I think most hotel pools also post rules against children swimming unsupervised, too.
They do, I'm sure. But it doesn't always appear to stop the little twerps. We took Slim to SeaWorld last summer and every night when we got back, the only thing we wanted to do was swim in the pool before we retired to our room. Both nights of the trip, the experience was made less enjoyable by hooligans running up and down the SLICK tile (I'm surprised nobody fell and got hurt) and the second night, Stickman nearly had to apply his emergency medical training when a 5 year old decided she wanted to do a cannonball into the "hot tub" (the water was barely lukewarm although it was designated as a hot tub by the signage) and bashed her head on the side.

Her mom WAS present..just not paying attention to anything but her margarita until her pweshush baby was injured.