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Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
It's not "fine" when we care more about celebrity "royalty" (and typing that made me want to puke) than we do about who's running the country.
...erm, do we? I don't recall seeing any protesters out on the streets after the Grammys but I have seen a "few" since Trump was inaugurated.

There are people in this country who will care more about celebrity than they do government no matter who is running the country and who are the most popular celebs. And there are many who will go out of their way to ignore celebrity and will de-facto care more about who's running the country.

And there are people who can enjoy CELEBRITY and care deeply about GOVERNMENT at the SAME TIME. I'm serious!

If you have some sort of proof that a decent sample size of people are too distracted by celebrity royalty to care about government, then please present it and I will say "Oh my, that is a shame and the country is going to heck! HECK!!"

But otherwise I will just nod and say "yes, some people will always ignore government. Whatcha gonna do?"

And BTW I have seen zero outrage about Beyonce, at least in my little Liberal echo chamber of a Facebook account. People are rallying against Trump daily, and still talking about DAPL and still talking about cabinet confirmations and stuff. The only things I heard about the Grammys was some nutter I recently friended who was DISGUSTED by A Tribe Called Quest's "shameful" performance "against Trump."

So I sit un-convinced that "we" care more about "celebrity royalty" than we do about who's running the country. Maybe that was a problem in 1964, I dunno. Pretty sure "we" have the tools to watch both kingdoms these days.