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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
Then you must think The Atlantic is doing terribly, which is not my impression at all.
Actually yes. Ever since Sullivan, Douthat, and Coates left, I haven't even noticed it at all.

Originally Posted by Celyn View Post
SURELY she's not widely thought to be the most recognisable face on the planet?
Aside from Queen Elizabeth II, Obama, and Trump, I'm not sure there is anyone alive more recognizable (Messi, maybe?). Now, granted, you may say that QE2, Obama, and Trump are far more recognizable, but Beyonce may be in the argument if she's in the Top 5.

I think there is an underestimation of how popular and acclaimed Beyonce actually is beyond her true believer fans. She was a #6 for Time's Person of the Year in 2016, after all (behind only - Trump, Hillary Clinton, The Hackers, Recep Erdogan, and the CRISPR pioneers, the later being scientists using tools to alter human DNA to attempt to cure diseases)