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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
I had a fun hand last night. I opened 1NT (12-14), partner bid 2C (Stayman) and passed my 2D response. I made all 13 tricks. Partner had 7 diamonds headed by AQJ and I had KT, I had CAQJxx and there was Txx on the table. The lead was a club and RHO went up with the King. So I made 12 tricks in the minors and an outside ace. This scored a bottom as someone else bid 3N and made 7 on the same lead.
Good thing you can see the funny side. For my money your partner chose the wrong time to get creative - what was he planning to do over a positive Stayman response? I've seen players punt 3NT straight off on hands like that, but if he wants to stop why not just pass 1NT?

Also - your opponents had a big double fit in the majors and they got a top for letting you play 2D? That's some serious luck on their part.