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Originally Posted by K364 View Post
Bidding goes 2C (strong) on your left, and 3C by partner. You play Michaels but using it over a strong 2C has never been discussed.

I have some questions - is this Michaels or just a club suit? Would you make this bid with a Michaels hand considering it might be misinterpreted? How strong do you feel about your answers?
Michaels is not on over a conventional bid for me, but I have no strong feelings if that is the superior agreement. If you told me it was playable over strong 2C, precision openng bids etc I'd take your word for it.
Rolling out ambiguous Michaels bids (or any convention) when you've got a natural way to bid your hand is just demonstrably awful, though - I'd expect a consensus opinion on that. Undiscussed just bid 2S and be happy you've bolloxed up their auction if opps are not strong. If they are and can deal with inteference you can prob bid hearts at some point anyhow.

It's a more difficult question when you're certain you've discussed it, but are fairly sure pard's forgotten it