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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
I have yet to master the hunt for the Queen but ISTM from that link that you're using a second-round response and not a first-round one.
That is true, but when you have 2 keycards you don't get a second chance. Either you show the queen at the first attempt or you never show it. Another source:

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The 5♥ and 5♠ replies with 2 or 5 key cards also deny and show the trump queen, respectively. (Responder may also show the queen with extra length in trumps, where the ace and king will probably draw all outstanding cards in the suit.)
I do wonder, though, whether this approach should always be taken when hearts are trumps because of the problem of a 5S response. There again, I thought I had a very good hand on the bidding so far.

In that case I'm going to bid 3S as a minor-suit transfer. Partner can either accept the transfer by bidding 4C or reject it by bidding 3NT. If partner accepts the transfer by bidding 4C I correct to 4D and partner can go Blackwood if he wishes or just bid 5D.
Do you play 3S as an unspecified minor suit? How does partner know whether to accept when holding one good and one bad minor suit?

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