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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Really? Bid 5H showing 2 key cards. Partner then bids 5S asking for QH, so you deny by bidding 6H. Yes, you might miss the grand slam, but Sod's Law says that one opponent will have QJx and you will go down in 7. If you're playing Duplicate, remember that on average it's better to go for the 60% score of 6H possibly making +1 than the 100% score of 7H which might go down and score you 0%.
5S does not ask for QH because the 5H response has denied it. And even if 5S did ask for QH, it forces you to slam anyway, so a 6H response would mean "no, I still don't have it, so let's go down in 6H". Note that there is an ace missing on this hand in addition to QH.

I have made many posts in this thread about not bidding a grand at matchpoints unless you can count to 13 tricks, for exactly the reasons you give.