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Earlier this week, playing matchpoints, I picked up the strongest hand I have ever held, in terms of playing tricks. A AKQ10xxx AKQJx void. Partly for the fun of it, I opened 7H. If partner has any hearts, it is a great contract. Even if void, it makes when hearts are 3-3 or 4-2 with singleton jack, which is better than 50% (or you get the supposedly safe lead of a trump) as long as diamonds come home.

Double from LHO, all pass. LHO tried to cash AC and partner put down Jxx xx 9xxxx Kxx.

Alas, hearts were 4-0 so down I went. 7D is cold, of course, if declared by partner (2C - 2D will achieve that), but I don't think it is the right contract at matchpoints. 7H outscores 7D a little more than 90% of the time, and surely lots of people will be in 7 on this hand.

Several other people opened 7H, but not all were doubled. One pair got to 7D. Based on the results on the board, getting to 7H will average you a 83.75% score, bidding 7D averages 66%

A side note: par on the hand was 7SX down 2 or 3. Nobody got there.