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So more of the story..........

The facility she is in now determined she needed their memory care unit. But first they wanted to evaluate her. She got combative in the evaluation. So my brother suggested he sit in. Same result, throwing something down on the table. Yelling.

So she's to be moved. There is a memory care facility my brother liked and had an initial meeting with. He and my sister, who is an RN, are going to look at it manana. However, they will need to do their own evaluation. Brother said he gave them a short rundown on the issues where she is, they didn't seem concerned, but then again, I suspect he spoke with a marketing person who wants to fill a bed.

And I wouldn't be surprised if new facility spoke with current facility. So she has to sit for a new evaluation. And not throw things and act out.

I suggested and was astonished when my suggestion was met with approval, that they get her some stronger meds at least to get her thru the eval. One issue is she spits out meds. Dunno how that will work.

My sister is going to call the ALZ assocation and the county aging people as well as a list of people her current facility recommended. Because if we can't get her in somewhere, she will be living with my brother and chaos will ensue. Or murder. Thank og I live in a teeny house with no room.