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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I put the fault on the bookmakers -- Seattle should have been favored in that game.

In my lifetime, the biggest beat-down against a great team was LA Raiders stomping the Washington Reskins in SB 18. The Skins were the defending SB champs and 14-2 during the regular season and had mostly cruised through the NFC playoffs. The Raiders went out and beat them 38-9.
That game was similar in many ways. The Redskins had a historically good offense (highest-scoring record in its day just as the Broncos were in 2013). The Raiders were a great rushing team with a stout offense, as the Seahawks were.

The difference is that the Broncos got smashed so much worse. They fell behind 12 seconds after the game started (a Super Bowl record) and never regained that lead; they didnít score a single point until they were already down 36-0. They went into halftime down 22-0 (biggest shutout at halftime, also a Super Bowl record). They finished with a lower score and lost by a larger margin of victory. Statistically speaking, Super Bowl 18 wasnít the biggest beat down of your lifetime unless you died 5 years ago.