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Originally Posted by digs View Post

(Stupidly DIY, like "What? Let strangers cook our food? Naah, we can put together a BBQ Friday... and tell ALL the guests to come a day early!" and "Gee, wouldn't it be great to throw a big brunch for everyone the next morning? So we'll need people to party til 2, then get up at 6 to start cutting up melons and vegetables and making omelettes.")
Right there is your main problem ... food prep IN ADVANCE - chop the fruits and veggies and meats as needed, zippy bag/ tupperbox as required, store in coolers with dry ice [you can source dry ice online for your location] think of it as an exercise in meal prep, just not for one person for a week of meals, but one meal for a bunch of people. When prepping for omelette breakfasts out camping at Pennsic for 20 people, one preps by dicing ham, onions, peppers, canned baby potatoes [they come already cooked] tomatoes and anything else you want in an omelette, cracking a few dozen eggs into a mixing bowl, adding a dash of milk, fines herbes and fresh cracked black pepper. With 3 omelette pans heated and swiped with a paper towel with a dab of butter, you use a ladle to put egg in the pan, then you can add diced stuff to order. With practice, you can do 3 pretty much at he same time, and turn out a batch of them every 5 minutes or so. [I personally prefer doing crepes benedict - pre scramble the eggs, pre fry the bacon and make some into crumbles, premake the hollandaise sauce, and as one completes the crepes, you roll the egg and a strip or two of bacon, lay on a plate, every 3 on a plate, dress with hollandaise and bacon crumbles and serve.]

Originally Posted by Catamount View Post
Potluck dinner and lots and lots and lots of wine. We were dancing and drinking and carrying on till four in the morning.
I have always found potlucks when in a comfy location and with amicable people a wonderful way to pass an evening.