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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
I resignedly informed that if I am no longer able to vape, then I would get my nicotine by cigarette, I am not sure why you would choose to misrepresent my statement in such a ridiculous way.
Here's the statement to which I was responding.
Originally Posted by k9bfriender
f you ban vaping, or make it hard or unpleasant to get, then we'll probably just go back to smoking.
That seemed to cover a lot of potential regulation, such as bans on flavoring that have been linked to teen vaping. If staying away from tobacco is important (as it should be), then such relatively mild inconveniences shouldn't impel one to resume smoking. And there are other smoking cessation products and strategies besides vaping.

The irony here is that it's vapers who want to make it all about them. Dealing with a wave of youth vaping leading to a new generation of nicotine addicts, or identifying and eliminating dangerous vape ingredients that are causing serious lung injuries and deaths - nope, can't worry about responding to these serious issues if the solutions make it "hard" or "unpleasant" for adult vapers to score their nicotine in any manner they choose.
Regulating the industry is saying, “Hey, that flavor of strawberry contains this chemical, which will cause acute lung illness.” and that chemical is removed from the stores.
See the previous Surgeon General's link. Multiple vape ingredients were linked to pulmonary toxicity well before the current uproar, and where has the resolve been to get them eliminated? Certainly the industry itself hasn't shown real interest. Better yet, require good evidence that such substances are safe before they can be marketed.

The whining and hand-waving by vapers ("we'll just smoke instead! we'll buy stuff off the black market, and you'll be sorry!") is unpleasantly reminiscent of smokers' behavior when crackdowns on smoking in public places started to become widespread due to known risks of secondhand smoking. Gazillions of restaurants and bars were going to shut down due to crushing boycotts by smokers (according to tobacco industry and smokers' lobbying efforts). This dread consequence did not happen.* Vapers were up in arms when a ban on vaping on commercial airline flights was proposed.** Institution of the ban did not cause a big switch back to smoking because life was made more "hard" or "unpleasant" for vapers.

If most or all vape flavors are prohibited I greatly doubt there's going to be a big spike in smoking. Most people are sensible enough to take advantage of other means of obtaining their nicotine, or even getting off it entirely.

*"Almost all the reviewed studies reported, on average, no net loss and sometimes net increases in bar or restaurant sales after smoking bans went into effect."
**check out the image of Rep. Duncan Hunter defiantly vaping away in the linked article. His colleagues, appreciative of having to breathe his fumes were no doubt influenced to support his views.

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