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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
You don't get it. Jackmannii has no intention of negotiating with filthy selfish addicts like us. Either you agree with whatever sweeping mindless crackdown he proposes or go fuck yourself.
To pile on with Jackmanni ... I don't care too much about adult addicts who wish to stay addicted. They can fuck themselves or not as they please and as their anatomy allows. Hell, if they want to kill themselves with cigarettes rather than a wide variety of other options available to them, fine by me. Truth be told they aren't costing me any more as they'll die young. Just not near other people is all. The selfish bit, where they don't seem to give a shit about whether or not a new generation of teens is turned into addicts, so long as it is as easy and pleasing as possible for them as possible, is where they turn into contemptible and pathetic scum.

That is all.