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I looked this up about a month or two ago following some Facebook posting by both Occupy supporters who thought the bill was directed at them and by some right wingers/Tea Party types who thought it was directed at them. Since that time, I cannot now locate the link I was reviewing as all the new Google hits take me to all kinds of postings about the bill but not the legislative history link I viewed at the time.

That link was a history of the bill. It provided the old text and the new and the changes it has undergone over the years. The old bill was 1752 and the new one 347.

I noted the bill had been around for quite some time and modified occasionally. One modification came shortly after Reagan was shot and I presumed the bill was updated in response to that incident. The current reiteration of this bill seemed to be just another update that specifically added a restriction to 'special events' and/or the Blair House/Veep's residence, and/or anybody under Secret Service protection, if I recall correctly.

My reading of the issue at the time was that it was just an update of a boring legal code and I kinda felt like it could have been an effort to beef up security for the President, which I unfortunately think is both prudent and necessary (looking at you, Ted Nuget).

My feeling was that this was another case of folks having an outsized response to a benign issue.